Do We Support Trump or Twitter?

Three sources from the Trump campaign went on record about Ann Vandersteel’s lies about her involvement with the Trump Media Advisory Board for the 2020 campaign. Think about this – What she said was so embarrassing that they wanted no lingering questions about her ties to Trump.

Let’s take a look at what campaign officials said:

Mark Serrano, Trump campaign advisor:

 “We formed our advisory board in April of 2017, which now includes 19 tremendous advocates for President Trump,” the statement said. “Ann has not been, nor is she currently on the board.”

Marc Lotter, member of the 2020 Media Advisory Board:

“not familiar with this person [Vandersteel], and not aware of their participation on the board.”

Unnamed source within the campaign:

“The campaign’s advisory board was launched in April 2017, made up of tremendous advocates for President Trump, and currently consists of the following members below. Anyone else claiming to be a board member or official surrogate for the campaign at this time is mistaken.”

Needless to say, Ann Vandersteel’s name did not appear on the list provided.

Trump supporters are hesitant to call out bad behavior on social media by people who appear to be other Trump supporters. (Emphasis on the word appear).

The Daily Beast, who published the article with quotes from the Trump team, skewed the story to make it seem as though it took too long for the Trump team to disavow Ann Vandersteel. That is not how most view it because the campaign did not know who she was, but upon seeing what she said, they knew they had to issue a statement to stop her from doing more damage to the president’s reputation.

The fact that campaign officials made these statements is not changed just because someone might not like the publication. The statements were made on the record. 

You can say anything you want about me, but my friends and I have never been called a liar by President Trump’s team.

What did she say that was so crazy that the campaign had to issue a statement?

See for yourself:

The first few minutes of this periscope highlights more of the idiocy coming from the group Ann is associated with on Twitter.

Why do we refuse to call this out in our community?

One thought on “Do We Support Trump or Twitter?

  1. It’s kind of a misplaced virtue signaling phenomenon in my opinion. People are afraid of being thought as “not MAGA” if they call out the grifters. Why? Because the grifters mercilessly attack anyone that tries to expose them, accusing them if not being MAGA. Kind of when the Left accuses us of being fascists and Nazis, and then beats us up for wearing a MAGA hat.

    It’s ridiculous of course. The MAGA movement is not immune to grifters. Most of which aren’t MAGA at all. They just saw an opportunity to make money on the back of actual Patriots and they took it.

    They will always have at least 3 conspiracy theories going, will always pretend to have super duper secret insider information that not even Trump’s inner circle knows about, and some type or another source that’s “close to Trump”. Which, if you haven’t learned it by now, is highly unlikely. Trump keeps things pretty straightforward. If he has something to say to us, he goes straight to Twitter. And no, it’s not “secret coded”. If he likes someone, BAM, Twitter. If he’s pissed at someone, BAM, Twitter. If he wants to bring our attention to something, he’s going to mention it on Twitter, phrased in a question, in a “I wonder if I was actually wiretapped” kind of way. He already knows the answer. He wants us to ask the question.

    He was pissed at Sessions. He wished he never appointed him. He was VERY clear about it in his tweets. But the grifters and conspiracy theorists don’t want it to be simple. If Trump speaks to us directly when he tweets, we don’t need “them”, and then Buh-bye money making machine. So they filled your heads for months with one ridiculous “white hat” theory after another. “Trust the plan”. “Trust the process”. “Sessions is secretly investigating Hillary”. “Rosenstein is really on our side”. “Mueller is only pretending to try to bring Trump down, he’s really on our side, too”. “Trust the process”. And let’s not forget the entire “Q” phenomenon.

    They always miss, and then they invariably move the goal post a little further.

    All of these conspiracy theories have a few things in common. They end up being INVARIABLY wrong. They are ALL designed to put you to sleep, gently lulled with a “all is good, all is well, Trump is safe, and nobody is trying to destroy him” lullaby. And they ALL aim to convince you that you are the ONLY ones with the REAL Trump truth, a truth that only them, the secret insiders living in their mom’s basement are the holders of. They know it all, they are privileged TO UNIQUE information that even Mueller doesn’t have. Unless he’s a white hat this week. Oh, and don’t forget to donate to my Patreon or PayPal on the way out.

    The truth is you don’t need them. All you need is to listen to Trump. He talks to us each time he tweets. It’s all right there for all of us to see. But they won’t tell you that. They want your money.

    When attacked, these grifters use textbook Left tactics: they pose as victims and accuse their attackers of “splitting the movement”. Then they resort to shaming, ridiculing, even sometimes doxxing the people trying to expose them. They ask their followers to mass report the Twitter accounts trying to warn people about them. And they always, ALWAYS, have a Patreon or Paypal account to help them to fight against the imaginary oppression they are victims of. Sounds familiar?

    A few people have tried to warn us about them. Ginger is one of them (@GingerMcQueen). Adam Gingrich is another (@Gingrich_of_PA). They have been SLANDERED for it. Why? Because they are disturbing the money scheme.

    Tell me, when was the last time Ginger or Adam asked you for a dime of your money for themselves? They don’t do it for the money. They do it because they love Trump and want him to succeed.

    They will not tell you how to think. They will tell you what THEY think and leave you to make your own choices.

    Adam’s record of being right when he makes a prediction will obliterate any of these fake MAGA grifters. He won’t even tell you anything if he hasn’t verified it 3x first. When he doesn’t know he’ll tell you. When NOBODY knows, he’ll tell you, too. And unlike all of these snake oil vendors, he actualy worked in politics for long enough to have insiders. Only, he never sells what he knows for money. He just gives it to you.

    Bottom line is, there are grifters out there. These are not MAGA people. They are NOT helping Trump.

    If you truly want to help the MAGA movement, you need to help it stay clean. That means that when you find out that someone is a con man or woman (*cough* VANDERSTEELWASNEVERONTRUMPS2020ADVISORYBOARDANDSHEWASDENOUNCEDBYTRUMPSCAMPDIRECTLY *cough*), you need to STOP wasting your money on them. Donate to the Trump campaign if you want to be sure you’re helping him.

    Spread awareness about these people. I know nobody wants to admit they’ve been con’ed but the lies they spread are HURTING the movement.

    LISTEN to Trump. He talks to us. Every day. He makes it crystal clear. You don’t need a dream interpretation from a fake prophet to figure it out. They just have a book to sell and they want your money.

    Q is literally the phonetic for “ass” in French. You could argue that people speaking for Q are talking out of their asses. I believe it’s just as loaf of bull. You don’t? Hey, that’s your prerogative. Ginger is kind of an expert on that subject, she spends countless hours investigating this crap. But once again, she won’t tell you how to think. She’ll SHOW you what she found, and TELLL you what she thinks. See the difference? She let’s you think for yourself!

    I know it’s making people feel safer to have the illusion to be in the know of the grand conspiracy, and it sounds really good to hear that there’s a secret plan in play, but that’s all an illusion.

    The reality is gruesome. Trump is under attack every day. He needs us awake, not lulled and being told to “trust” whatever f*cking BS plan grifters are selling you this week.

    If you truly are MAGA, then you’re not afraid of the truth. Exposing our bad apples is NECESSARY. Leaving them fester and corrupt more people into believing their crap is definitely NOT MAGA.

    God bless our President, Donald J. Trump, and God bless the United States of America.


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