Socialism Is in Direct Opposition to God

Pictured above. Apotheosis of Washington: Marine. In this scene of the Apotheosis of Washington in the U.S. Capitol, Neptune, god of the sea, holding his trident and crowned with seaweed, rides in a shell chariot drawn by sea horses. Venus, goddess of love born from the sea, helps lay the transatlantic cable. In the background is a form of iron-clad ship with smokestacks.

Socialism by its very nature is in direct opposition to God!

Socialists abuse political power by promising equality that cannot exist because the group in power will always have more than those beneath them. As a society, we must stop pretending that anything about socialism is an acceptable alternative to capitalism. Socialists want to end religious freedom by their nature. There is no such thing as a Christian Socialist, despite what they may proclaim. Socialists are infiltrating churches and spreading messages that are in direct opposition to God. People might identify as a Christian Socialist, but they certainly cannot understand what they are saying if they are sincere. The fundamentals of socialism, as defined by Karl Marx, is “Socialism is man’s positive self-consciousness, no longer mediated through the abolition of religion” (Ribberink, Achterberg, & Hourtman, 2015, p. 435).

The ideal society that Marx envisioned allowed people to overcome their need for religion. Socialist countries in Europe became anti-religious because the political structure becomes an, “ideological alternative,” to spirituality (Ribberink, 2015, p. 435). Interestingly, many of these countries created groups that used rites and rituals that were secular, but mimicked religion (Ribberink, 2015, p. 437). In countries where socialism was implemented, the ones that were Catholic or an Orthodox religion became anti-religious, but the cultures dominated by protestants were less likely to abhor the thought of religion (Ribberink, 2015, p. 438). As a nation, we are far too kind to entertain the very thing that will destroy us. Socialists have First Amendment rights to say whatever they choose, but it is past time for a very loud and sensible rebuttal to their arguments of free things for everyone, which is what sells fools on these ideas.

In Prevailing Worldviews, Martin describes a pivotal moment when there is a split from God. Worldviews shift into process philosophy, which is in direct opposition to God (Martin, 2006, p. 150). That is the realm where socialism flourishes. It is painful to see these concepts take hold when it is clear what is happening. The political climate that we live in now fosters a perfect environment for deception. It’s not just on the left. It is seen on the right as well. There are numerous conspiracy theories floating around now because people have not taken the time to understand the basics of how government works. Right-wing conspiracy theories often mirror relativism where everything is in a constant state of change. The rules are made up as they go instead of grounding themselves in established procedures. Those taking part are a hair’s breadth from being what they claim to despise because they are participating in an enticing storyline instead of relying on the fundamentals of the Constitution and respect for the laws created by Congress. If they are willing to throw those principles out to fit a conspiracy narrative, then there is no respect for the foundations of government, everything is in a state of flux, and they are just as dangerous as those on the left who want to destroy us.


Martin, G. R. (2006). Prevailing worldviews of western society since 1500. Marion, IN: Triangle Publishing.

Ribberink, E., Achterberg, P., & Houtman, D. (2015). Are All Socialists Anti-religious? Anti-religiosity and the Socialist Left in 21 Western European Countries (1990-2008). Journal of Contemporary Religion,30(3), 435-452. doi:10.1080/13537903.2015.1081347

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