Get Away from the Hypocrisy and Lies

Last night I tweeted that I want to drive all night while listening to Tom Petty and then stop off at a greasy spoon for breakfast.

I woke up this morning feeling the same way because the current news cycle is maddening.

The Las Vegas massacre timeline reverted back to the original story, according to officials who refused to answer questions. Most people feel that something is off about the story that we are being told. They claim that they don’t know the motivation for the attack, so there are countless conspiracy theories being floated.

The Hollywood casting couch is no longer in the shadows. Harvey Weinstein hurt numerous women for years. Some chose to speak out, so he hopped on a jet to a European rehab to escape accountability. We keep reading the statement that “everyone knew.” One of those was Jane Fonda, who blamed it on “male entitlement,” just as any good Liberal feminist would to deflect attention from her own silence.

This may be a win for conservatives in the culture war now that the hypocrisy is being exposed. These are the people who dictated morality to the rest of the country by telling us what we should find acceptable. They’ve shoved a radical liberal agenda down our throats for years. Those in Hollywood are the ones who tried to shame us into submission by mocking traditional values. The public champions of the new breed of psychotic feminism were the worst abusers of women behind closed doors.

True misogynists are still hailed as heroes. It didn’t matter that Eminem’s lyrics have included fantasies about killing women and blatant homophobia. He was loudly applauded as a warrior in the fight for social justice because he performed an incoherent rap about how President Trump is horrible. It proved that if someone carries the narrative that the media and Hollywood is pushing, their past still does not matter.

The one good thing this week was that President Trump signed an executive order stating that we can purchase insurance across state lines. That happened the day after I received a letter in the mail that my insurance plan will no longer be available, so I need to call to choose another plan. There is no indication of how long it will take for the executive order to take effect, so I doubt that it will be in time for me to benefit from it this year. The last time I chose a plan, it required a phone call that lasted for an hour and a half.

A mental vacation from the liars and hypocrites is at the top of my list for this weekend. I am going to spend my time taking care of myself physically by getting in a couple of good workouts and take a break mentally by reading a book. It’s not as fun as a cross-country drive listening to Tom Petty, but it’s a start.


2 thoughts on “Get Away from the Hypocrisy and Lies

  1. Sounds like a great way to get away from all the crap and clear your mind. I was impressed with the President’s speech yesterday decertifying the Iran deal and imposing new sanctions. Agree 100%. It was refreshing to hear him talking about more important matters than the NFL. That horse has been tweeted to death. Get on with showing the world we are we are going to put Iran back in its place.


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