Seth Rich – A Tale of Tweets


This week in the Twitterverse, new information emerged regarding the Seth Rich case in a series of tweets between Kim Dotcom, Sean Hannity, and Julian Assange.

  • Kim Dotcom claimed to be in possession of evidence linking Rich to WikiLeaks, which was then picked up by Sean Hannity.
  • The Rich family accused Kim Dotcom of attempting to hack Seth’s email, which provoked a sharp rebuttal.
  • Julian Assange chimed in about Media Matters and murder being “instrumentalized.”
  • The OAN cable network offered $100,000 for information leading to an arrest after they aired a special report on the case. A link to OAN’s video is at the end of this article.

The article that Kim tweeted includes a wealth of information about Rich’s Twitter accounts. It also includes a now-deleted tweet from a former coworker of Rich who tagged him, months after his death, in a random tweet that stated that a “group of pandas is called an embarrassment.”

Sean didn’t have to wait long for the kitchen sink to be dropped on his head. Media Matters for America was already mobilizing to attack his sponsors. The next morning, in response to the exchange between Kim Dotcom and Sean Hannity, Julian Assange seemed to corroborate Kim’s statements.

Sean retweeted Kim Dotcom’s tweet about Seth’s nickname, Panda.  The significance is that in Kim’s official statement, he says that someone named Panda contacted him about starting a branch of the Internet Party in the U.S. He said that they exchanged information about “topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.”

As Sean predicted, the kitchen sink was incoming.

Seven advertisers have pulled their ads. One of those, @USAA_help, found themselves on the receiving end of the internet’s wrath. On Hannity’s show that night, he said that he spoke with Rich’s brother and agreed to stop speaking about the case temporarily.  The article that Hannity linked from Seth’s parents said that there was no evidence that his death was connected to his work, so if there is evidence, then people are either concealing it or lying. They wrote that Rich’s computer and email were inspected by detectives and that inspection provided no evidence that he had been in contact with WikiLeaks. They feel that their son’s memory is being used as a political tool that perpetuates their nightmare.

During the show, Hannity said that he will not stop doing his job or trying to find the truth. He said at the proper time he will continue to talk more. He addressed Media Matters attacking his advertising base. After the show, Sean tweeted the following.

A few hours later, Assange tweeted that silencing reporters by manipulating advertisers is wrong and also addressed the murder of an “alleged source,” in two connected tweets. Assange has done everything but directly say that Rich was his source.

The Washington Post reported on May 24, that Kim Dotcom tried to hack Rich’s email in an attempt to plant evidence using a email address. Those with the slightest glimmer of critical thought realize that Kim Dotcom has the ability to do things online that most of us cannot even comprehend, yet The Washington Post wants us to believe that Kim would use a email and not cloak his identity when trying to access Rich’s email.

Kim Dotcom retweeted this short video explaining what it might mean for all of D.C. if it is proven that Seth Rich was WikiLeaks’ source.

In an open letter to the Seth Rich family, Kim Dotcom refuted the email hacking claims. He states that anyone could register a account using Rich’s publicly-known email account, which would have triggered a verification email.  He says that the hacking claims are a smear campaign against him in an attempt to discredit the evidence in his possession and their attempts indicate “that the truth is known and not welcome.” It is worth the time to read the entire letter here.

The OAN cable network did a special report this week with just the known facts about the Rich. This report will provide new information for even those who have followed the story closely. It is a must watch!




2 thoughts on “Seth Rich – A Tale of Tweets

  1. Hi Ginger thanks for your compilation of this issue.
    I just left an email to Mr. Bernie Sanders as follows:

    Honorable Mr. Sanders,

    I voted for you in California. I thought the whole coverage here was strange about your run off against Mrs. Clinton. I received the provencial ballot . There was no exit polls and it seemed to take days before they release the results. I am just mentioning this because to me it seemed like you were not getting a fair deal here.

    Recent news from Mr. Kim dotcom has brought up the issue of fairness again. If anything of his claims is true and given the impeccable document authenticity from WikiLeaks is true concerning the death for Seth Rich are you willing to stand up for your supporters ? I believed you were a good agent of change in the past and your platform has the moral high ground. Anyways this situation about a connection between Mr. Rich’s death and the release of inside DNC documents seems to be plausible.

    Art Morel


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