A Quick Primer on the French Election

The electoral process in France is much different than the United States, but populism and nationalism might be spreading to France if Marine Le Pen wins the presidential election. The latest polls show her at 37% with Macron at 63%. The final results should be in by 1 pm Central Time on Sunday. Macron is a media darling, so no one knows the accuracy of the polls. France also has laws that restrict hate speech, so it is unclear if that affects how forthcoming the French people might be when asked about their political leanings.

The presidential election in France had more drama and scandal than the Trump vs. Clinton election in the U.S. There have been allegations of Le Pen misusing Twitterlashing out at the media, and taking a hard line on illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism. The current front runner, Macron, has made allegations for months that Russia was tampering with the election.  In a new batch of leaked emails on the eve of the election, there have been more allegations of Russian tampering. Macron has asked the media to be responsible in reporting the leaked emails because of the media blackout rules regarding the reporting of election news that began on Friday. He was also the recipient of an endorsement from former President Obama. If this sounds familiar, then the outcome of the presidential election in France will assuredly be interesting.

Where do they stand?

  • Marine Le Pen(National Front (FN) She faces three years in prison for tweeting graphic pictures of ISIS violence in 2015. She intends to close radical mosques, drastically cut the flow of immigrants into the country, revise trade policy, and go back to using the franc rather than the euro. She also wants to withdraw from the European Union.
  • Emmanuel Macron(En Marche! (EM) His positions are polar opposites of Le Pen. He favors free trade, cultural changes, immigration, and plans to remain in the European Union.

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One thought on “A Quick Primer on the French Election

  1. I really wonder what effect hate speech laws have on a free society. Seems like such a gray area that it’s hard to pin down exactly what hate speech really encompasses. The punishments for it can be so severe too, it’s crazy. I’m so happy to live here in America.


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