Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Like many people, I struggle to sleep at night. I’ve found a few tricks that help make the process easier. Finding the discipline to go to bed and make an effort to sleep is an active process for those of us who tend to be night owls.

I have made my bedroom a sanctuary by adding creature comforts that help me unwind. I use blackout curtains, comfortable pillows, and soft bedding. I make my bed every day so that I am laying under smooth blankets. I also put a little bit of aromatherapy oil into a diffuser next to my bed and use a blue light that reflects onto the ceiling.


The self-hypnosis recordings that I listen to at night work without fail. I started listening to them when I began losing weight in 2013. The first one that I purchased was a weight loss recording on iTunes. I do not know if it helped with my weight loss, but it certainly helps me sleep. He takes me through a series of breathing exercises and visualizations. Most of the recordings are 45 minutes to an hour, but what is interesting is that I don’t remember anything after the visualizations even though I’ve listened to them repeatedly for years.

Every recording begins with looking at the ceiling using a “daydream focus.” The blue light projected onto the ceiling looks like a moving reflection off of water, so it helps me zone out rather than staring into the dark. The objective is to look at a spot and soften my gaze, so that light helps tremendously.

I’ll write a blog about my ever-expanding library of self-hypnosis recordings in the future.

One thought on “Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. I struggle with sleep too. I think I will try my meditation tapes again. I initially got them in a mindfulness class but they did sometimes put me to sleep. Thanks for that reminder.


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