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Link: CIA Surveillance


Gateway Pundit Woman Crashes ACLU Stop Trump Meeting and Urges Snowflakes to Think for Themselves – Cops Are Called


Daily Herald Ginger McQueen Crashes ACLU Anti-Trump Meeting, Police Called, They End Up Thanking Her

Godlike Productions OMG! Click this! Activist Ginger McQueen crashed the local ACLU Stop Trump training session today and began to lecture the indoctrinated leftists Woman Crashes ACLU Stop Trump Meeting and Urges Snowflakes to Think for Themselves – Cops Are Called

Newshounds Steve Doocy Gushes Over Obscure Right Wing Blogger Who Crashed ACLU Meeting

Dan From Squirrel Hill’s Blog The hypocrites at the ACLU called the police because they didn’t like an opinion that someone expressed You Won’t Believe What What This Beautiful Ginger Did when the Police were Called!


Eyes on Washington

2 thoughts on “Media Mentions

  1. It’s nice that you did this and without raising your tone or causing a stir. I think this is what gets lost in our divided country. Yes, I am a Democrat, but please, I respect everyone’s opinion. I think there are good things on both sides as well as some bad.

    The most important thing I can always say to others is that we all need to just love one another, as cliche as that may sound. Love and respect everyone whether they are Muslim, Atheist, Christian or any other belief. People aren’t born racists, they are taught to be. You are an example of someone who was taught to respect others regardless of their background.

    I think that’s what people don’t understand. The great thing about this country is that we get to decide every four years who we want in charge. A lot of countries around this world don’t have the system we have with people living there wishing they had ours.

    I wish you the best and continued success.


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