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If you are in politics, then you have never heard of Ginger McQueen. I am the voice of the average Joe on YourVoice America with Bill Mitchell. The show can be seen nightly on Periscope and Facebook Live. Inspired by Trump’s populist message, I am currently pursuing a degree in political science so that I can help restore a government that is truly “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

My former career was in business-to-business sales in the beauty industry. The long drives to visit clients provided me with the time to indulge in hours of listening to political talk radio. Like many other life-long Republicans, I became disenfranchised with the party after seeing representatives repeatedly pledging and then failing to stand up to the Obama administration.

It is time for all of us to get involved, stand for truth, fight online censorship, and inform others.

Twitter: @gingermcqueen

Fox & Friends

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YourVoice America

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Link: CIA Surveillance


Gateway Pundit Woman Crashes ACLU Stop Trump Meeting and Urges Snowflakes to Think for Themselves – Cops Are Called


Daily Herald Ginger McQueen Crashes ACLU Anti-Trump Meeting, Police Called, They End Up Thanking Her

Godlike Productions OMG! Click this! Activist Ginger McQueen crashed the local ACLU Stop Trump training session today and began to lecture the indoctrinated leftists Woman Crashes ACLU Stop Trump Meeting and Urges Snowflakes to Think for Themselves – Cops Are Called

Newshounds Steve Doocy Gushes Over Obscure Right Wing Blogger Who Crashed ACLU Meeting

Dan From Squirrel Hill’s Blog The hypocrites at the ACLU called the police because they didn’t like an opinion that someone expressed


Eyes on Washington

Your Voice Radio

Interview with Jonathan T. Gilliam

3/9 Deep Dive on CIA Wikileaks



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