Four Day Meal Plan

It’s easier for me to eat well when I make it as convenient as possible. To ensure that I eat what I plan, I prepare breakfast, lunch, and snacks in advance. There is no thought when it is time for a meal. I go to the refrigerator, grab a labeled container, and eat what is inside. Each is labeled on top with the day of the week and if it is breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Dinner is cooked fresh each night, so containers are not necessary.

I found these styrofoam trays at Dollar Tree. A package of ten only cost a buck! I know that styrofoam is bad for the environment, but I will wash and reuse them. Most items that I packed are individually wrapped.

I plan for four days at a time because I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs and they perish after four days.

Yes, it’s time consuming to plan and prepare these in one day. It pays off in the long run because I don’t have to make anything during the week or drive somewhere to get a quick bite. If I will be out and about, then these items travel easily.







6 thoughts on “Four Day Meal Plan

            1. It’s a Beachbody program. I do not sell Beachbody, nor will I ever, but I can tell you that they have ways of determining caloric intake for men as well based on current weight and goals. I am in the very lowest calorie bracket, so few guys will fall into that one.


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