Behave Yourself!

A common complaint is the lack of manners in our society. Small things like saying “please,” and “thank you,” are less common. We don’t have the same interactions with other people that we once did.  We used to go to a teller at a bank, but now we go to an ATM. We used to have conversations over the phone, but that’s been replaced with text messages that rarely contain a full sentence.

I have severe social anxiety, so for those of us who are not exactly Miss Manners, the basics of how to behave can be improved to make us more confident in social situations.

YouTube offers great tutorials!

These Nancy Mitchell videos are my personal favorites:

The Napkin

Using Utensils

The Glass Ware

The Soup Course

The Salad Course

The Main Course

Dessert and Coffee

Eating Difficult Foods

This video about Social Etiquette is an hour long, but is worth watching. Nancy lectures on a number of social skills that are becoming a lost art. She covers everything from basic people skills to how to network and remember names. These are valuable life lessons!

2 thoughts on “Behave Yourself!

  1. I checked out one of the links … What a great resource list you’ve provided …

    I’ll bookmark to check the others out later 🙂


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