Why the Diet Industry is Full of Shit


Corporations are selling dreams and a vague concept that they have the answer for your frustration and lack of inspiration or willpower. They don’t. We are already in possession of the concepts that we need to successfully lose weight; eat clean, exercise, and drink water.

Americans spend $60 billion dollars every year to lose weight. You can’t throw money at the problem to make it go away. You can’t buy motivation. That has to come from within.

A few years ago, I paid a lot of money to join a group and managed to lose 2 pounds in six months. I felt awkward, didn’t know anyone, didn’t really want to go, skipped a lot of meetings, and felt like my worth was based on what was written on my little weight chart. Every time that I went, I felt like a failure again. The few weeks that I did well, I kind of felt good about it, but wasn’t celebrating because I was too busy chastising myself for not getting it right before. I wasn’t learning how to make any kind of real lifestyle change. I was paying for someone to judge me based on a scale.

The main reason that it did not work for me was because they were selling the cause and the cure. When I went to meetings, they sold a variety of diet cakes and chips. I’d buy those and eat the whole box because they were there. I had to learn that I am not the kind of person who can have desserts, salty snacks, cereal, or nuts in the house because I will eat them all. Binge eating triggers are different for everyone, but those are mine.

Yeah, groups work for some people, but why are you spending money?


Be accountable to yourself and save your dough for healthy foods and a gym membership.

You cannot buy the fire, desire, or determination to succeed.  When the time comes to take control of your life, the motivation comes from within.

2 thoughts on “Why the Diet Industry is Full of Shit

  1. Hi Ginger, I’ve been enjoying listening to you on Your Voice Radio, looked you up, and here I am. I’m also lost a lot of weight, I did it through a low-carb diet and using intermittent fasting protocols. Dr. Jason Fung is my hero – he has a web site https://intensivedietarymanagement.com/ and book https://www.amazon.com/Obesity-Code-Unlocking-Secrets-Weight/dp/1771641258/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 which I highly recommend. Fasting is free! Carry on the great work on all your many fronts!


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